Internet Utilities


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Get My Speed

GetMySpeed is a free tool that analyzes your internet speed performance.


NitroDial is an Internet acceleration tool that speeds up your online experience by as much as 500%! At a fraction of the cost of broadband, NitroDial’s compression technologies can increase the speed of both Web browsing and e-mail. Nitrodial can enhance dial-up as well as broadband connections, and is great for both home and corporate users. 

Global Access

Global Roaming gives you access to thousands of dial-up numbers around the world for a flat monthly fee. Customers can get numbers from our Web site or contact Tech Support or Customer Service while on the go to get numbers. Global Roaming is great for travellers and those who want to take with them when moving out of state or going south for the winter.

Anti Virus Center

The Internet not only provides information and entertainment; it also contains harmful programs and predators that can invade and damage your computer if it’s not properly secured.

Access Numbers offers one of the largest service areas for Dial-up Internet access in Ohio. Search to see if we offer local service in your area.

Fill out the phone number at the location you are dialing from to see if a local number is available.