Wireless Internet

If you live outside of our fiber exchange, don’t worry! We provide fixed wireless internet to customers in Northwest Ohio. Fixed wireless internet requires a radio located somewhere on your property, having line of sight to one of our towers in the area.  We are able to provide speeds up to 25 mb/s to residential customers!  Contact us today at 419-599-1893 for pricing!

Why can my neighbors get internet and I can’t?

For us to provide the best signal and the best internet to each customer’s house, we need clear line of sight to one of our 32 towers in the area.  Fill out the form below or call 419-599-1893 today to see if you can get service!

    Interested in our service?

    A Site Survey has to be conducted in order to see if we are able to get service at your location. If a Site Survey is requested, a technician will be out to your location in the coming days to see if we can get line of sight to one of our towers. You do not need to be home for the Site Survey to be conducted as it takes place outside of your home or business. Please, fill out the following to request a Site Survey and we will be in contact with you!